WEDDING WEDNESDAY : Bridesmaids Dresses

Welcome to the long awaited WEDDING WEDNESDAY! 

Todays post is about, my beautiful Bridesmaid dresses. The reason why I wanted to write about this, was because I wanted to share how I found my dream bridesmaid dresses for such a LOW price! 

I'd been searching for hours online for bridesmaid dresses that suited everyones shapes, and I came to an end, where I found a perfect dress that matched what I wanted, however the price was a bit off putting. The brand, Two birds were the top brand for the particular dress called the 'Infinity dress' which can be wrapped in over 15 different ways. 

So I decided to do some of my own research and I found through the trusty website, that they had some incredible China direct suppliers that made the exact same dress however without the hefty price. The 'two birds' dresses are around $250 a pop, however I went through every supplier on the Etsy website and went with the shop that had the most top reviews and quickest shipment. In the end we ended up paying $65 per dress, and went for three different shades of pink, which in the end was such a different look, was great! 

We went with the three top left colours, and each of them suited all the girls, who had spray tans as well. 

I simply loved how I could give freedom to my bridesmaids to create a style that suited them and their bodies, so they too could feel beautiful on the day. I didn't at all want to make them wear all the same dress, I found it rather tacky, as I wanted them to have the best day, feeling as best as they could in their own dress style. 

I just love how the ties on the dress were super flexible and able to create any style, Keren one of my bridesmaid's dress was awesome, the back of it was so simple yet eye catching. The girls all loved their dresses and all felt so elegant in them. 

Against my own dress, I loved how the colours all matched, we had a colour scheme of blush pink, green, gold, grey and black. Which tied in with the whole wedding and reception. Because the dresses were full length, I got the girls to wear whatever shoes they wanted, so then again they felt comfortable for the day. 

I can not recommend enough, the website, as the suppliers on there are so trust worthy, and the shipping was super fast, only took two weeks total for all 6 dresses to come through, and with the price of $65 per dress, really we saved so much!! We were looking into Forever new dresses, however those dresses started out with $150 per dress, and when you have 6 dresses to thank you! 

Well, there you have it, always do your own research, screw having to pay heaps of money for dresses and accessories when you can find the same thing online but cheaper, but make sure you know where you're buying it from. Ask around and be sensible when shopping online, read the reviews from other buyers and know how much your shipping is, before you buy. Luckily we got free shipping included and a 10% discount with the bulk buy of 6 dresses. 

I love my girls very much, and I'm so happy we found dresses that suited all of them, and made them feel stunning on the day too. 

(Photo credit, Catherine Ruthless)

Happy Wednesday lovelies xx


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