the war between my new iPhone 6 & my coffee.

Yesterday morning, I was ready for anything. It was my first training day at work, I'd followed all my new habits that I'm trying to apply everyday. I'd gone to make another coffee & jump into bed with my husband to chill out before a big day. We have a bed situation at the moment, we're waiting on a new bed frame from our landlord, and in the meantime we are sleeping on the floor with our mattress.

So I made my coffee, popped in on the floor, placed my iPhone on the chair above it, thinking it would sit, however it thought differently. It slid off and literally dived into my coffee cup. Ironic isn't it! Its completely gone, and all I can say is thank God for contents insurance, who cover accidents. Any phone company does NOT cover water damage which is probably the most one everyone does...

Thought I'd share my delightful day yesterday, I'm now phone less...without Instagram, but I think this maybe a good time to have without it..trying to think positive. 

I will never ever do anything with a phone so closely to my coffee again. Lesson learnt. 

I'm trying out a new coffee plunger brand, called Hummingbird, wow its actually incredible, its so rich and feels like you don't need a second an hour later....or maybe? I've got a full day at work today, and I'm ready to make some good sales & Ill come back and explain why this weekend for my new hometown is so massive, look it up, Art DECO WEEKEND, Napier. 

Enjoy xx


  1. Oh no! I can't believe that your new iPhone accidentally took a dive in your coffee! I bet you were a bit frustrated when you found out that it no longer worked, so I am glad your phone company had it covered. Also, I'm glad you're looking at this from a positive point of view. I'm proud of you! Thanks for sharing and all the best!

    Caroline Matthews @ Cambridge Electronics Inc.

  2. OMG! Sounds like me, I am so sorry to hear what happened to your new Iphone, who would ever guess that your phone would fall off of your chair when laying it down? Freak accident for sure! You can't just take it apart and dry it the best you can and see if it works or get it fixed at a phone repair shop?

    Alison Henderson @ Expert Computer Repair Philadelphia

  3. I had something very similar happen to me to my iPhone 6 and I was devastated when it happened so I can imagine the look on your face. I suppose you didn't get to enjoy that coffee much either! At least your phone company covered it and I really hope it wasn't a bad omen for a bad day to come! That happens to me ALL THE TIME!


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