Mister D



Welcome to Mister D! You won't be disappointed! Here is a place that represents such a powerful reputation and when my Wellington friends recommended the place, truly it lived up to it's name. 

Not only was the coffee incredible, the staff on both occasions were welcoming, warm and made awesome small talk. As you walk in, you feel such an openness to the place, you don't feel as if you're in a crowded, hot cafe; but an spacious inviting one. 

As I was seated, they came over with a beautiful antipodes glass and some refreshing cold water, again the staff stopped to ask how my day was. I honestly felt like one of the locals. 

On the first occasion I was cheeky and got a injection shot jelly donut, I'd tell you, theres a first for everything and wow was to die for! Being able to inject as much jelly as I wanted and seeing it ooze out with the mix of chocolate, that was already inside, was just a mix of fun. This was a messy task, to eat, however I didn't care, as this was too yummy to worry about ones appearance. 

On both occasions it has given me every excuse to come back another time. From Thursday-Sundays they are also open for gourmet dinners, that hopefully the Mr. gets the hint and takes me out one night. 

Anyways, about the coffee, they use Supreme Coffee which seems to be an internationally owned coffee roasting business that distributes to a lot of cafes both in Australia and New Zealand. I have known this brand, within other cafes to have that burnt coffee taste to it; however both occasions of having a Mocha and a trim latte, I delightfully and easily drank it. 

This is a must see cafe and restaurant for when you spot and visit the stunning and warm city of Napier. 

Enjoy x


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