What are you waiting for?

Its already nearly MARCH. Have you got that? MARCH? Where has the year gone. This year I decided to not make those new year resolutions like most years. I hate the idea of getting inspired for like a week and go back to normal habits of life. I decided to change it up a little. I've decided to embrace each month and pick three things to work on for that month. 

As (January) was leading and preparing for our wedding, I was committed to healthy eating, making time to write down things so I would remember and taking the time to spend it with friends that matter.

February. A few days after our wedding we moved to Napier, and I wrote down three things I wanted to do and work on while I was new to the city.

1. Make the most of the time off, read a book, go for a walk, explore Napier

2. Be intentional with the people you meet, if you like them and see a that it could be a friendship thats healthy, make an effort to get to know them

3. Forget the things that don't matter. For most of us, we can linger thinking of the what if's and the things we've made mistakes with. I've come to decide that those things really affect your future and I had written down some things I didn't want to hold onto, and how I was going to do that. So far, Ive completed over half of them, and I've seen myself be able to trust more and believe for greater things for my life, and my new life with my husband. 

This week I start part time study, part time work and in between, just relaxing and getting things done. I'm very happy to be here now, I've accepted it and know I can trust what is happening with my life. I believe this year is going to be amazing, and I'm so excited for each month, and to work on things slowly during that month. 

Off to write about March soon... 



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