I'm still the same person.

As far as I can remember, I always dreamt of that perfect wedding day, with my husband dressed in a tux and that moment when you first make eye contact as you walk down the aisle. 

My wedding day 17th January 2O15, was a perfect day. It was such an incredible day, everything fell into place and it was one of those days that I really did feel beautiful. 
In reference to coffee, I had like three coffees that morning, with freshly made chocolate croissants and a hint of champagne. Of course the champagne breakfast was rather essential to this momentous day. I had planned and organised our whole wedding in four weeks, and boy was I happy it wasn't any longer. 

Everyone from our family and friends helped with the organising and just getting those tedious jobs done. Probably helped my best friends mum was an incredible wedding coordinator and also did her own catering, definitely was such a blessing.

Why am I telling you all this?! Well, in the past four weeks of being married to my best friend and lover, I have to say that I am still the same person. I believe my thinking before I was married, was that "once I get married I'll be such a different person, so kind and loving the wife duties that come with it." Now I'm not saying I don't have the quality of kindness or love the wife duties, it's as though I thought this one wedding day would change my whole personality. 

I thought I would have to give up who I was, just to become what my husband wanted, or to give up all my own agenda. To a certain extent, I have allowed some of my independent qualities to die, however I've discovered my husband married me because of who I was, before we were married. And that he wanted me to continue being that person, changing and growing with him. 

Being married has changed how I think, it's allowed me to see past my own issues and focus on the things that actually matter. As a girl, you can often OVER think so much, and the best way I see if I'm actually outrageously crazy with my thoughts, is to tell them to my husband. He is quick to address the simple thinking and is always encouraging me to think at a whole new level. His view on life is wide, he sees the bigger picture, and always sees the best in others. 

I'm so happy that we get to do this life together and that slowly I'm encouraging a healthy habit of drinking coffee each morning together. Previously he knew nothing about the kind, and now I've taught him how to correctly make a good morning plunger coffee for the both of us. 

Enjoy x


  1. LOVE this post Annelise! & your heart! Please keep updating about married life :-)

    timothy + ariana

    1. You're gorgeous, and re reading this makes me need to edit my writing a lot more haha! Thanks babe x


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