Starting the new day...and then once again.

The usual start to my mornings. Strong double tablespoon of plunger coffee, with the perfected 7 minute wait until I drink it. The combined routine of toast is the BEST! Classic Vegemite and crunchy peanut, to make any morning a soothing one. 

I've had the pleasure of having the last 3 and a half weeks off, since getting married. Each morning, i drank in thankfulness, as I had no time pressure or an agenda to the day. Luckily my husband every day doesn't start until 1pm, so we've had the best start to our marriage, knowing we can take our mornings slowly. 

Suits. The best law TV program. In my opinion. We've been hooked since some of our friends suggested it to us, most days we watch 2-3 episodes. Again, such a chilled way to start marriage. Note sure what we will start watching once it's over.

At the moment, the coffee brand I'm really enjoying is Avalanche, I love how its rich in flavour and can so easily down it, that often an hour later I'm finding Im boiling that kettle once again, to start that glorious plunger routine. 

Life right now is great. There are days when I know I need to be more thankful, like when I forget how often, while I was working full time, how much I'd give to have time off to really relax and do nothing for a little while. I've taken up reading and writing a blog, two things I've put on hold because life can so easily be too busy for those simple things. At this stage I've got one part time job, and another one that gets confirmed tomorrow, lets hope that with both of those jobs and study, that it'll be a lifestyle that I'll love living. However, I guess it's all in how we look at life, that changes our perspective, whether we are busy or not. Well, I choose to be thankful and excited to be stepping into something new, and I hope you know that whatever is happening in your life, that you can find true happiness. 

Enjoy x


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