I'm about to start a series off with, "I'll have what she's having" and todays feature is: The Makeup blogs/Vlogs that have made an impact on my life. 

I'll eventually show different categories that are my top favourite blogs that have helped my life, and make it more beautiful. 

Cheesy as that sounds, these blogs have showed me how to properly contour with makeup, how to make healthier dinners and how to use Pinterest to create blog traffic. 
I've discovered how positive and open the blogging community is, and thats why I want to share with you what I've learnt from others and their creativity. 

My favourite top three makeup blogs/Vblogs:

Essie Button. 
Essential for practical tips and for displaying such beautiful new products to try out. 
LOVE her displays and Vblogs, (Photo credit - essiebutton.com) 

Makeup by Annalee

Even though this girl doesn't necessarily do blogs, she does youtube.com and Facebook rather well. She's a New Zealand chick, living and breathing beauty and its products. She's incredible and knows her stuff. She's genuine and has an eye for detail. Check out this fresh talent,

(Gosh, just look at her eyebrows, AMAZING!)


Okay, I think I'm biased to New Zealand Bloggers/Vloggers. This would have to be one of favourites, she's been around for ages, and shows some of the BEST budget makeup videos. I'm over girls only using high end products, in reality, who has that sort of money anyways. She's the reason why I got my eyebrows in check, contoured in line and blending in form. All thanks to:

Oh and she has her own line of eyelashes, makeup brushes and jewellery! 

Go have a look around, they have so much to offer! xx


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