WEDDING WEDNESDAY : Do what works for you.

Something different for the week. It's not a "Where to buy...or how to" guide a wedding.
This little post is focused on what you decide as the couple for the wedding and to follow through with that.

What do I mean by all this, Here's three points to explain.

1 // The wedding day is YOUR day, you and your future husbands, and no one can hinder that day, but only if you allow it. Josh and I sat down many times figuring out what we wanted, and the look and feel of the whole day. We wanted our guests to feel included and to have the best day alongside us. We didn't want a huge wedding, or a big ceremony, so we only included in the ceremony what we felt was applicable to us. I've honestly been to so many weddings lately, thats all the same, two church songs, brooke fraser songs used, straws in milk bottles and photo booths.

We cut it right down, we knew our vows were important, we both wanted a beautiful entrance, haha so my husband and his 6 groomsmen danced down the aisle to Bruno Mars song 'Uptown funk', best entrance ever! We had a prayer from both our parents and a little message from our pastor whom we both had a lot to with. We loved every minute. It was just US.

2 // We knew that money was being passed to us for our wedding, and we decided to ask the people giving it to us, what they saw us doing with it particularly. And we honoured them through that, and with a lot of many thanks.

3 // We only wanted a reception of 50 people, and flip that was very hard to cut down. We spent hours on the tables and number, but on the day we LOVED how it came together and the people we wanted there was perfect. We had so many people comment on how relax and fun the reception was, and how intimate and personal it really was, it just wasn't a room full of people who 'had' to be there.

Overall, have fun in the process, do what works for you and your budget and remember it's gonna be the best day ever, and it will go SO FAST.

Happy Wednesday xx

(Photo credit - Catherine Ruth)


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