CAFE Review : Warning, Coffee addict at work


Last week while waiting for my Husband to have his haircut, I walked past the most cutest coffee shop, in Ahuriri, Napier! OMG! I felt like I had walked into an original Wellington coffee house. It had the originality of Wellington, and the swag of downtown coffee capital. 

When I ordered my usual (the TFW), the guy serving was like "uh we don't serve trim here"...and I was like "Uh I don't care, give me a taste of your goodness".... and I'll review you thank you very much...

Anyways, it took like 10 minutes to get all the coffees done, and while I was waiting, he continued to serve others, the locals you could tell by them saying 'the usual, please'. Sorry about it..
Once I had my coffee, that first sip seriously took me back to living it large in the capital, alongside the unique coffee hubs. 

To say I would come back is a definite, the coffee was on form, service was okay, but the cute little signs and croissants had won my heart. 

Coffee used: Firsthand coffee
Milk used: Origin Earth milk (Organic of course) 
there is also a selection of Ya Bon breads and pastries and All Good Organics sodas.

Overall, I guess I'm excited to continue to try out new places and check out the latest coffee places, I'm all for feeling like I'm back home amongst coffee roasters and cafes galore. 


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