Taking a back foot.

Nearly over the past two months, I've had a time to be able to stop and just be in life. What I mean by that, is that I've actually been able to relax and think over my life. My default while living is usually, go, go, go. To be honest I now can say I took delight in telling everyone I was busy, and it looked like I was living large maybe from their view.

But now looking back, I was too busy. I was living in such a way that could have be seen to be closed off towards others. Where I only gave limited time and effort to others. I've had moments of 'what ifs', what If I had just taken the time out for that person or stopped and made sure I was prioritising my family and friends with a good amount of time, not limited.

Missing home, friends and family, is hard, but I've enjoyed the adventure of being here. 

Simply I've loved slowing down my pace of life and this has made me realise that taking time out for myself and for others is NOT selfish and NOT lazy, in any way. Making time for things is very essential for making life happen and being done well. 

Although I've now got two part time jobs and doing study, as well as new friends, I love this lifestyle. Everyone here in Napier lives differently, to the high pace of Wellington city. 

This ramble is just to say. Take your time. Use your time. And don't wait around for things to happen to you, make them happen. 

Off to make a homemade pizza and a coffee, while I watch the latest, Pretty Little Liars. 



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