How to become a morning person....

"Good morning, it's 6am and you have to start a new day... oh and by the way you've forgotten to make your lunch, pack for the gym and the milk has gone off..." Seriously, those mornings just SUCK!

I'm writing this post because I LOVE MORNINGS, especially when I am organised and refreshed by a coffee & the classic two pieces of toast, back in bed.

THREE things that could possibly work for you, trust me, I've had a husband to try these things on and he is NOT a morning person. In the beginning, he did not like me for trying them out on him, slowly and surely he is getting use to my lively personality in the mornings. We NEED to make a point here....I do not speak until that first coffee, then I'm that bubbly person that pokes and prods my husband which he finds rather annoying.


Easily said than done, getting organised the night before.Things that could help, would be to lay out your clothes, make your lunch and even prepare the breakfast so its all ready to go without having to think at all, the night before.

A thing thats worked for me is, pretty containers & snap lock bags, I get rather excited knowing everything is organised in separate bags, and all my bag is packed for a full on day. The worst feeling is knowing you have a huge day ahead, but you're not ready or prepared for any of it, and even that third coffee is not doing the trick.
Especially on Mondays, I have an 11 hour day, with work and study, and knowing I can function with prepared snacks, all my notes printed, ready for class and arranged cash for coffee makes me breath easily.

Everyone is different in how they function, but knowing what makes you work more effectively will not only help your life, but others lives. I've helped explain to my husband that making sure his work shirt cannot simply be worn for multiple times in a row just because he forgot there was a washing machine. Getting every else on board with being organised for the mornings can be a struggle if you're fully not into yourself, but establishing a mindset that will motivate you in the mornings will also flow onto others.


Create something that will literally get you out of bed. Naturally my first morning coffee from either my plunger or pod machine is enough to get me up, but then there are those mornings when it just seems impossible. When I know I've had a hard week emotionally or just plain tired, then I create a little batch of healthy pancakes to put in the fridge for the next morning.

I'll post soon about my favourite healthy pancakes. I love smothering them with berries and greek honey yoghurt on them, with a strong triple shot coffee on the side. Having something to look forward to, or get you motivated out of bed just comes with what you value. I value, good healthy food and quality time in the morning, which then creates me to make space for that to happen. Which is when your organisational skills can be helpful.

Tuesdays are when my husband and I put time aside together, and planning ahead we buy bacon, bananas and baking ingredients so we can make breakfast together. Seeing my husband getting out of bed for this decent breakfast is just a miracle, he also places value in quality time and good food. Good mix for the both of us.


Something I've changed up in my routine is really giving myself time for me in the mornings, and this is taking the time for a shower, using toner & moisturiser and putting a great face of makeup and hair on. Since allocating time to not rush this part of my morning routine, means throughout the day I'm not stressing about my mismatched contouring, and stringy hair that I didn't have time for.

Since changing my job, I've had to really change up my makeup and hair routine and apply a lot on for it to last the day, now I think I've mastered this one, without looking like a oompa loompa, or a layer of cake. Now this clearly doesn't apply to my husband, or any other male, so I suggest though, in the morning taking time out to have a clean shave, actually moisturise that clean face and to really style that unruly hair.

Overall all these tips have been successful for myself, and also my husband. It's created space and peace into the start of our days.

Whats your morning routines like? Could you change to be a morning person?



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