Three New Zealand Cafes I want to check out before.....

Okay first things first, sorry I haven't been posting a lot lately, I've started my new job and study, as well as new friends, and it gets a little hectic at times, which I love haha.
I promise to always post on Wednesdays though, 'WEDDING WEDNESDAY' is such a delight to write and I enjoy taking the time to share how much fun I had planning the wedding.

Today, is 'NEW THINGS TUESDAY' and I'm about to share three cafes I'd love to go check out before it's too late. These three cafes have been on my list for a while now, because I've either seen them on my friends latest Instagram posts or a magazine article.


Dunedin, is a sneaky place where they keep really cute and original cafes. It's been over 6 years now since I lived there, but my family since I can remember have been really into cafe hopping. I've been drinking mocha's since I was 13, and tea since I was 7. A girlfriends Mum works at this cafe/bar/restaurant, called no7 Balmac, and I've had many friends Instagram about it's amazing decor and coffee.

Looking online at the brunch menu, gets me so excited, as it has all the classics, like Eggs Benny, buttermilk pancakes and fresh fruit and yoghurt. They use the original, Allpress Coffee.

There seems to be different areas of the cafe, where you can either hideaway with a magazine and a coffee to kill the morning, or gather with friends for a brunch catch up. This is a must do!


Christchurch is finally getting back on it's feet after the strong earthquake back in 2011. A lot of the city is still deserted and broken, but businesses and areas are starting to pop up and start to pick the city back up. The cafe I've chosen, called, C1 espresso, won 2014 Christchurch cafe of the year. Time and time again, I've seen so many of my Christchurch friends make this cafe their local.

What caught my eye about this cafe was the quirky things around the cafe, that I saw in the online photos. There seemed to have heaps of vegetarian and GF options on hand, and the coffee isn't your normal Starbucks feels. They don't offer trim milk, but seem to make strong classic espresso. Not for the faint hearted.


This cafe, I didn't pick off someones Instagram or FB. I went looking for it. I googled "Best coffee roast house Auckland." I trawled through some websites and pages and discovered this little gem.

Atomic Roastery. 

Based in Kingsland, where the menu is short and sharp, but focuses on making the best and finest coffee out. Its own coffee roaster is on site, where the beautiful coffee aroma is always lingering and is perfect on any sunny Auckland day. This is a different type of cafe, compared to the other two. It has more of a industrial feel to it, its not heavily known like , Little and Friday, but it's reputation for coffee is impeccable, as the online critters say.

Hope you too can enjoy these little treasures, and feel free to tell me your favourite New Zealand cafe.



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