WEDDING WEDNESDAY : Wedding Makeup artist

Happy Wednesday everyone! Todays post is mainly about my makeup artist, and the reasons why I chose her. Her name is Romaine Solomona. She's a free lance makeup artist, who is taking Wellington by a storm. She worked previously for other makeup companies, but predominately Napoleon Perdis. 

When I was looking through Pinterest for makeup ideas, I had a rough idea of what I wanted, something strong and long lasting. I'm over, seeing natural brides, that look normal. I'm all about the big lashes, eyebrows on point and strong contouring & highlighting. Here were my inspirations on Pinterest, that I showed to my makeup artist. 

I love the dramatic look, and this is exactly the speciality of my makeup artist. To begin the story of how I chose my makeup artist Romaine, was actually through my girlfriend who is a Revlon Makeup artist at one of the local department stores. I told her about the length of time I had to find someone, and being January it was Wedding season. Everyone she knew of was booked out. However she passed on to me her girlfriends number that she knew who was free lance makeup artist, and to flick her a text. 

So I decided to email Romaine instead, asking if she was available, surely after stalking her Facebook page of her previous weddings she had done. It turns out that actually, she was my husbands friends wife, and she knew exactly who I was, it was hilarious. We got talking for a while, and out of all the Saturdays she had, our wedding date was the only one free for her. It was meant to be. 

Seeing all her work online and all the raving reviews from other friends, I was in great hands. We arranged to not have a makeup trial, as I had shown her what I wanted, and she thought it'll be fine on the day. And she was right, she was AMAZING! Here are the process photos from the day, getting my makeup done by Romaine. 

She spent a lot of her time doing my eyebrows, something she is AMAZING at, she knows all the right techniques. 

I simply loved how much of a perfectionist she was, she took the time to perfect it all and make it all blend so well. 

The whole Process I decided to not look at any of it, until the end result. I've had my makeup done trillions of times, but I have not seen my face like it was, that day. I was so happy with the result. She knew exactly the look I wanted, and went for more. Romaine even went further, and even did individual lashes and looking back at all these photos it just makes me so happy that I chose her. 

When choosing a makeup artist, always ask other makeup artists if they are any good, as they know what they are talking about. When I spoke with my other girlfriend and told her what exactly I wanted, the heavy makeup, big lashes and strong contouring, she knew Romaine would be fit for the job. Ask around, and don't be afraid to ask for what YOU want exactly. 

(Photo credit : Catherine Ruth, Ruthless Photographic) 

Happy Wednesday xx


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