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From the time I was engaged to actually being Married it was a little over 3 and a half months. Call me crazy, but I seriously had the BEST and chilled time of my life. Of course there were times when it got stressful and a little crazy, but I had the best friends and family around me, who had the best connections. 

I'm about to show you some of my wedding inspiration, all through the helpful and amazing Pinterest. I will be taking you through the colour schemes, decorations, the bridesmaid dresses and their flowers, and my wedding earrings.

First of all, the colour scheme sets the WHOLE wedding, however when I chose my dress, my colour scheme had to change again. I first wanted to go for a black, white and gold theme, however I felt with my dress that it kind of clashed, especially with the grey suits we were wanting for the groomsmen. 

This is the colour scheme we were using for all of the little and big details for the day and preparation 

I LOVE rose gold, blush pinks and creams. So after that it was pretty easy to create style boards for the rest of the planning. Grey suits for the groomsmen, green and white flowers for all the girls including me, and my off pink dress fitted right in. 

I would be lying if I said I didn't like candles, I LOVE them! We got tall vases for the ceremony, and placed them down the aisle, like the above picture. We couldn't have them around the stage as there were too many people around, we had a bridal party of 14!!

We then decided to create a romantic theme to the reception, with yet again, little and big candles, scattered around the table, that sat on round mirrors. I absolutely loved this look, as the light reflected off the mirrors and totally set the scene. 

As you can already tell, I love gold and sequins, and having a sequin GOLD table cloth especially for the cake table was an essential. My best friends mom is a wedding planner, and she was the one who helped create all these things. I showed her all my ideas and colour schemes she was so amazing in making them happen. It was defiantly a stand out, with a beautifully made and simple cream iced chocolate cake, with matching hydrangeas, which were all around the church. 

I fell in love with the dress brand, two love birds, which were famous for their infinity dresses. However we had a budget to stick to, and we found an alternative site for buying them for a third of the price. I loved seeing through Pinterest and youtube, different ways of wrapping them, and also making sure the colour scheme was fitting in well also. 

I found that because I went for the formal look, with the full length elegant dress look for the bridesmaids, that I wanted something really simple for their flowers. It was easy and cheap to pick the famous, baby breath flower. It looked really stunning against the pink dresses that we choose. 

As soon as I saw these earrings, I knew I had to have them....but when looking at the price online, hell no was I forking out money to look good in these. So I took the time, trying to find an alternative pair. The off pink/ivory colour wedding dress didn't need a necklace to compliment it, however I wanted a bit of blush pink to match the colour scheme to tie it all in with the earrings. What would you know, I found the perfect set of earrings, blush pink and slightly similar to these pair, in a normal mall store for like $15. I was so happy with them and they were really light weight, so I felt I could wear them all day. 

This calls for the end of my main Pinterest Inspirations and ideas! 

Goes to show, finding a cheaper option online or in a store is the way to go for keeping to the budget. Next wednesday I will be showing you how we kept to a tight budget and made it look just perfect, for us! 


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