"I'll have what she's having" Part Two: My Favourite Photography Blog

To carry on with "I'll have what she's having" series, I've decided to share with you just one of my favourite photographers. The reason why I wanted to show you only one of my favourite photographers,it was because of the passion that I see in her and her photos. To be honest, I don't know much about the photography community and who's doing really well, however I have got to know this wonderful lady and I love what she stands for.  Just talking with her recently, she just laid it all out saying she wanted to dedicate her whole life to taking photos and creating life with her camera. It's not everyday you hear someone talking so passionately about their life or hobby like that. 

Here she is, a local and talented young lady, Ariana Leilani, what a stunner of a girl. 

Heres a sneak peak from her 'about me' page. 

"this blog originally started out as a space to share the travels and adventures we were embarking on with our family and friends during our time in north america & hawaii, but upon returning to new zealand in may twenty-fourteen, it didn't feel right to put a fullstop on a space that we have poured our experiences into, and force closure onto somewhere we have documented some of our most precious memories."

Ariana, has such an eye for catching those moments you may have missed. Her style is impeccable and whenever I read about her latest photography adventures, it seriously sends me into dream land. Her photo style is easy to look at, its minimalistic and very beautiful. 

Herself, she's a genuine Kiwi girl, she's fun loving and is never too busy for the people in her life. Go check out her adventures, she has some stunning photos of her World travels that she did with her boyfriend. 

I believe in her and her work, she's doing something different, and adds character I believe to the photography and lifestyle community. She's an incredible writer and I love her honesty about things and for what goes after in life, go see yourself. 



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