So far... a week in. 

Two things, I'm going to share with you why I started blogging & my top 3 websites that have given me the best inspiration and consistency in the process. 

I like to research everything. If I don't understand a particular word or idea, I usually google until I fully can understand or be able to use that thing within my day. 

I guess the reason why I have a blog now, is because I'm in such a different part of my life. I'm married, living in a new city and my career is changing slightly; with a side of study. I can't go a day without writing, if it's a day where a lot has happened and a lot of change takes place, I have to get it down on a piece of paper. Lists and pro and cons have worked so well in the past for future decisions and I guess this is the next step. 

I gave a lot of thought and a lot of research into how a blog works. I read every Pinterest post you could think of from SEO, Blogger vs Wordpress, 101 blog posts when you're in a rut, and how to get traffic onto your blog. Also I took the initiative to ask a few girlfriends who have a blog up and running, asking what tips they would give a new blogger and what they wish they knew from the beginning. In the end, I had to decide what worked for me, and learn how it all works. 

Coffee is the main theme of this blog, however its the things that happen during and especially after coffee that I want to document and ponder over. Its a mix of my favourite cafes and exploration of my new city as well as the latest little thought that had stuck with me all day. 

These three websites helped shape my own idea of how to write & start a blog. 

1. -  is a blog I've been following for the past 4 years, she's recently changed her site and is expanding her whole blog. She was just a blog in the beginning about her weight loss and now she's heavily into travel, photography and cooking. She's an inspiration and makes it look easily fun! Definitely one of the reasons why I started blogging this week. 

2. - been the ultimate 101 guide to blogging. Searching everything from how to use googles blog system, how to create an outstanding & last blog, as well as looking up other blogs for inspiration. Would have to be the go to for all the beginning stages and research. It was probably the better search guide compared to google itself. It showed me links to youtube videos for knowing how to create the beginning stages of the blog themes, something I found surprisingly hard.

3. - A friend emailed me an invite ages ago to this website, but only remembered mid way this week and started to navigate around. It's such an incredible tool to use to find other bloggers with the same passions and direction. Its crazy to think how many other bloggers there are out there, and easily I've had to stop getting the green eye for it all. However its such a wonderful way to get yourself out in the blogging community, and to connect with the people that inspire you. 


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