The 4 step rule to making new friends.

Living in a new city completely and utterly throws you from your own little comfort zone. Having friends around you normally, as you live life as per normal, you forget our blessed you really are. However in the last month my whole world changed, I got married to my amazing husband, and we moved cities literally after the wedding. Our Honeymoon was moving and settling in to this new city. My husband had to start work 5 days after our wedding and this made our honeymoon very chilled, we literally just ate out the whole time and slept.

The thing about moving, is that you find out how normal and very human it is for people to gravitate towards to what they know. This is strongly seen when you walk into a new room full of people, and already people have established who they know and will stay there for the entire night.

Something I made myself do, when I was in a few social settings were:

1. Make eye contact, not in a creepy way, but in a way that makes the people you're trying to connect with know that you're keen to start a conversation. Sounds cheesy, but it works. I've had a few people identify that I looked over to them and they eventually made their way over to me, because they also knew I was the new kid. 

2. Know how to position your body, don't have your back to the people you want to get to know, turn around and fix your posture. Stand in such a way that is confident, but also inviting. Some people who stand confidently may also come off as arrogant or proud (in a wrong way). Just relax and look comfortable within the setting.

3. Walk over to that crowd, if no one is making the first move. Have a few sentences up your sleeves and just be yourself. Too quickly, people can tell when you're being fake or they don't like how much you're talking about yourself. Ask questions, take initiative with the conversations, seriously though, throw yourself in the deep end and get to know the people you want to get to know. 

4. If you find you like getting to know some of the people you make conversation with, especially the girlfriends you see yourself going out for coffee with; get their numbers! Grab them and say "hey, I'd love to go for coffee sometime, ill text you?" and by that stage you can easily gage if they seem interested or not. Just use your initiative and take charge of your own beginnings. 

Enjoy x


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