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For the past four months I've completely changed my skin care routine and gone for more of a natural feel to my routine. Lush was a store that was recommended to me by some girlfriends, and once I went in for a demo, I was hooked. The lady that served me the first time I went in, she was just simply incredible. 

She took the time to get to know how my skin worked, what kind of cleanser I was after and what products would work best for me. She explained also what type of ingredients were in the different products, how it can help my skin and what other products will work well with it. 

So for the past four months I've lived on three products, 

This cleanser was super easy to put on and after I used it, I felt like I had a great clean of my whole face. It even scrubbed off my heavy eye makeup and concealer. The great thing about this product, it has both lavender and rose oil in it, which calms the face and my redness. I felt the smell was perfect in the shower and I loved how it left my face feeling so smooth, through using natural products. 


This toner is perfect for my combination skin, especially when it feels tight after a cleanse, it relaxes the skin and removes any other oil sitting on top of the skin. Its such a refreshing toner and it is so easy to use. I use makeup pads to wipe the toner with, for an overall coverage, I spray directly onto my face and then wipe away with my makeup pads. 


This moisturiser is known to be used by men, for after shaving. But wait, it was bought to my attention that this moisturiser can be used for girls as well. This very reason, being that it helps with tightness and redness of the skin, which I have in my cheeks and chin. 
This has been such an amazing base for my makeup, and I feel like I'm covered and you only need such a tiny amount to cover the whole face. I highly recommend this product out of all of them, as this moisturiser has never left me oily, like so many other products have, its also covered well for my dry areas on my face. 

Just recently I met an amazing girl, who works with my husband and she use to work at Lush for three years. She bought me back to her place the other day, and gifted me a whole lot of Lush products, well over $200 worth. I'll do another post about these products, like the shampoo, BIG, which has made my hair feel amazing and feel lifted so much. Oh and the Rose shower gel, OMG, I still could smell it on my by the end of the day. 

These products are the real deal! Go check them out. BEST products, knowing its vegan, animal testing free and mostly natural products. 


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