Habits to become successful with your life!

Tomorrow is a whole new beginning for me. I start my new job, working back in retail, at the beautiful high end store. It's come at the most perfect timing & I'm so excited to see what lies ahead. The style of the clothing, is mostly chiffon, leather and evening dresses. They have beautiful jewellery and handbags that are sold thru their store from other brands. There are so many pieces I'd love to add to my collection, of non existent wardrobe. 

I was thinking through some of the habits that I wanted to create, for my job to be successful. This year is about to get busy for me and I believe I need to make some changes happen, in order for it to be successful. 
Here are four that I am currently trying to create for the next few weeks, which hopefully will become a habit. 

ONE. Creating one off check lists. 
Most people who are organised use a check list to get things done and to make yourself aware of the things needing done. I don't like having lists that go on for days or over a large amount of time. I love creating, well I'm starting to love, making a check lists for the day and knowing I will smash it all by the end of the day. I've given myself the ability to get through 5-7 things per day, so that I feel like I've accomplished something and can make a head start on being and feeling successful. One thing that is on my list daily, it is to clean the kitchen, making sure every dish is done and the meat is out thawing for the meal at night. Seems to be working so far. 

TWO. Making my lunch the night before.
As cheesy as this sounds, when I was at my last full time teaching job, I got into a strong habit of making my lunch and snacks the night before. I found because I was organised and feeling on top of things, that I was giving my body what it really needed. For me, feeling organised and on top of things means that I eat healthier and exercise more, as I feel more in control. However when I don't organise the simplest thing like making my lunch, I feel out of control which leads to over eating or eating the wrong kinds of food. I used a Typo food weekly chart to help me figure out what I wanted to eat for dinner and what snacks I need to pop into plastic containers for the day. Lets hope this can happen again for my new job, as I believe it will help me be successful in what I do, because of how I prepare earlier. 

THREE. Getting up earlier. 
I've started a habit of staying in bed most of the mornings while I've had no job. As much as I've loved it, being able to blog away and watch TV in bed, I'm really excited to get into a routine again. One of the things that worked for me last time as well, was getting up an hour and a half before I had to leave for work. It gave me time to shower, go and make a strong coffee & eat breakfast without any hurry. The last thing I want before any busy day would be the idea of rushing trying to get myself sorted. Breakfast is non negotiable as it fuels me up for the next meal and as you can tell, the coffee literally makes me so excited in the mornings that I jump out of bed to go make it. Earlier the better I say, in order to be successful and on top of everything for the day.


FOUR. Keep learning. 
Something I've learn't from so many successful people is that they are learners. They never stop learning about their product or what the latest research is. I believe education doesn't stop with your Degree, but it continues as you allow it to happen. Within retail, I guess a habit that I can create is always wanting to know about product knowledge, customer service and company requirements. In making a decision to always be on the look out for new material, it will set me up for being a person of excellence, and being able to help others. I believe when you set yourself up for being successful, it also helps other people with their performances, because of the knowledge that you may have that could get them thinking in a different way. As a previous teacher, we were made to never stop learning about the latest research about children and their learning, and I believe this has given me a mindset that expands over all areas to always keep learning. Another tool I've learnt even through blogging, is simply sitting under someone else's success story, and asking every question that will enhance your blog. The power of questions and answers between people and learning is very crucial, as it allows new knowledge to surface  that can be used for future purposes. 

I'll let you know how the first day goes at work, and in the next three months I'll come back and review how those top four habits are going & how successful I may be feeling using them. 

Off to buy some coffee, just ran out and I'd hate to not have any for the big day tomorrow. xx


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