those little things I love...

The things I like, change a lot, probably as often as the waves. There's so much I appreciate about life and my styling, to my liking changes quite frequently. I don't think I'm one to chop and change to what others are wearing or saying; but it's my perspective that changes to what I like in the moment. 

The little things I love is something consistent. I sat down with a cup of coffee... what a surprise, and wrote out the rough top nine "little things that I love". I guess its the warmth of those things that give me a wonderful feeling, and stay around. 
Here goes:

1. Waking up to find I still have my favourite coffee to use up.
- its the best feeling, knowing you still have enough to get you awake enough to start the glorious day.

2. Fresh flowers and candles around the house. The beautiful fresh smell to the house, sends off positive energy and creativity. 
- the local fruit and vege markets are bound to always have fresh flowers for sale for such a great price. 
-top favourite brands for candles that I can't live without, Ecoya & Glasshouse.

3. Receiving mail, actually this applies to all mail, could be personal or business. Just seeing my new last name gets me every time. 
-personal, hand written mail is old fashioned, but so intimate. To know your loved one took the time out to write to you, definitely makes you appreciate their love for you.

4. Feeling completely comfortable with someone. 
- There are so many levels to relationships and friendships, and to know you can go for coffee with those dear friends, that you don't have to explain yourself or force that laugh. It all is natural and time easily flies past as you hangout. Such a good feeling, to be yourself,say whatever you need to say & not feel judged for it. 

5. The new smell of stationary
-Gets me every time! Oh I miss university and high school, for the sake of every year knowingly you can purchase shiny new books and pens. 
-I'm studying this year, and the idea of buying new stationary excites me so much! The smell and the feel of it all, is thrilling. Go a head, call me a geek. Those simple things hey!

6. Apologising and resolving an issue with someone. 
- Although confrontation can at the time feel awkward and hard, I'm okay with getting through the hard bit, knowing good can come from the conversation. Its the best feeling, knowing you have said your piece and have come to a conclusion. Walking away from resolution, always makes me so happy, and that if I could get through this, anything else is possible. 

7. The window seat on an airplane.
- being able to see the taking off, landing and the mid cloud actions is such a thrill. Knowing that you're in a small plane above such a big world, it always changes my perspective. Although I have found the window seat is best when I fly domestic, not international, for when you need to pee all the time. 

8. Going somewhere, knowing your agenda is clear for the rest of the day. 
- Especially, the beach or the cafes. Having this time off has made me appreciate the time we have when we do have it. 
-It's made me realise that I need to clear some space within my schedule when I figure out work and study, for those unhurried moments in life. 

9. Fresh bed sheets. Gets me every time.
- It's ultimate feeling after a long day, knowing you can slip between your newly tight folded sheets and snuggle into that feather duvet and your perfect amount of pillows. 

those little things I love.... and appreciate.

Enjoy x


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