My lazy guide to a simple Plunger coffee.

Seriously though, this can be done with your eyes closed, all the instructions for making perfected plunger coffee is always on the back of your coffee brands packet. However I wanted to show you in pictures what my morning looks like. Coffee is the thing that literally gets me out of bed, I get so excited knowing I'm about to boil that kettle and have caffeine in my veins, oh so soon! 

(Step by step. The lazy guide. Enjoy.)

These are my two amazing handy plungers, glass & metal, and because I'm the only one drinking it this morning, the glass does a wonderful one cup job! 

Todays plunger coffee brand is: JEDS coffee (New Zealand made), AMAZING, and on their strength code, 5 being the strongest, I always get this one. It literally wakes you up, maybe for another one, later! 

One HEAPED tablespoon does the trick, in it goes, and by now the kettle was ready for it!
On big days, I usually do two tablespoons...

I LOVE this shot, it captures the moment when the hot water mixes with the roaring coffee, ready to sit for five minutes. 

On goes the lid, to sit for around 5-7 minutes, as I make toast, honestly I have this routine down. Again, I could do this with my eyes closed. But thats a hazard apparently, with hot water. anyways. 

That beautiful moment when all you smell is perfectly made coffee. It's ready to be poured, I'm a milk first kinda girl, then the coffee. 

Now its ready to enjoyed, along with a classic Vegemite toast. This has been my routine for the past, how long. As I drink and eat, I always drift along Instagram & Bloglovin. 
Easy as. 

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