Fashion statement.

Storm, is my new retail store that I'm currently working in.  Its a New Zealand brand and made clothing boutique, its stunning, unique and always on form for the latest style. 

Check it out, its called 

In the next seasons line, we are seeing a lot more grey, marvel, golds and sequins, which is my ultimate favourite set of colours. 

Cannot wait to start earning a bit more cash, to afford some of these gems. We also supply New Balance shoes which are defiantly a favourite and comfortable for a long day in retail. 

something I've learnt this week. while I worked only three days in a row last week, my body completely crashed afterwards, I spent the next three days in bed. I'm not sure if I had caught a bug or if my body was running low. But I learnt that it's so crucial to take a step back if you can and listen to your body. My default is to just keep going and don't stop. But having a lot of time off lately has made me appreciate the time we have, when we prioritise it properly. 

Three things I changed it up this week, that I did to listen to my body.

1. Ironically, I stopped drinking coffee. I was drinking a little too much that I needed three solid days without it, and unusually I was feeling off towards it. I felt good to come off it slightly, and today I had my first one and it was great. All I needed was the one, and I fuelled my body with water and fruit and light snacks to help come back into reality as I worked today.

2. I forced myself to sleep, as funny as that sounds, I actually find it hard getting back to sleep after I'm already awake, I can't usually sleep in, because once I'm up, I'm up! So I took the effort to get back to sleep in the mornings and had a nap in the afternoons as well. It helped my headaches and tired body. 

3. I spent less time on social media then I ever have before, I didn't check Instagram, and very often did I check Facebook. I didn't feel the need, as I wasn't in the mood to socialise thru that way. It all felt so refreshing not having to use my phone or laptop to 'check in' on everything. 

Overall I felt like a new person, and I guess sometimes we need to just simply listen to our bodies, as they know us best! 

Heres a little preview of our other engagement shoot that we won, it was such a fun day! 
Next post I'll link both our 1st and 2nd engagement photo shoot! Both show such different views, and are so awesome! Cant wait to show you. 



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