"A yawn is a silent scream for coffee" - unknown.

The word coffee excites me. It not only is the thing that gets me out of bed, but it's such a relaxing drink to have to wait up with the morning to.

I have two coffees a day,every day, depending on the frequency of work load, or complexities of the day. Often, this entails just a simple plunger. The idea of going out to a cafe for a real coffee, the real deal, the espresso, is so thrilling to my ears. As soon as I walk into any cafe and the smell of the coffee beans hits me, I get such a rush. You're probably thinking, who is this girl, she's on something... well they did say, caffeine is a drug. And you are addicted to, don't lie!

I say a good coffee should never have any sugar, it should have the balance of a strong shot and the right amount of warm milk to surround it.

this is the beginning of sharing my love of coffee with you, and I'm excited to share with you some of my favourite cafes here in Napier as well as Wellington, my home town, the hub of all 5 star cafes!

Enjoy x


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