Living the dream. Coffee + Wifi = a dream. Having the past month off has been AMAZING to say the least. I've been able to really get to know my new city & try out nearly all of their best cafes! 

BEST cafes so far: Mister D, Milk & Honey & Ujazi Cafe. Every one of them has their own flavour and speciality. I guess the first two, have been a place where I've done tedious hours of planning & researching a blog and catching up on the years I've missed, simply just reading. With a normal job, I've found theres no time for reading or doing any thing other than catching up with regular friends and family, which is fine to an extent. 

I guess the first picture, (Pinterest found), defiantly outlines my morning for the past month. I love having a mixture of going between my pod coffee machine and the classic plunger coffee.

You're probably thinking, wow this girl can talk a lot of about coffee, well people, I do! And this is what my blog is roughly about, my love of coffee and the things that happen AFTER it. haha.

So far, so good. I'm excited to share with you, my next adventure; The possibility of two part time jobs + study + adventures to Havelock North, the cutest little cafes are located there! 

Enjoy x


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