FEBRUARY. a month living in Napier & being married.

This month has probably been my most important month of my life. It's seen me through, the beginning stages of my marriage, moving to new city, going through endless job applications, making/trying to make new friends, using my GPS to get everywhere around this place and it has made me realise what is really important in my life. 

Yesterday a friend was sharing with me about past influences on her life, and how she has to make a daily decision to decide who she will allow in her life to speak into her, and how she can self-talk to herself to get her motivated for the day. 

This really challenged me, as I've been so blessed with incredible amounts of positive people in my life, but I've come to realise that I need to let go of the old words spoken and continue to find new influences. I came to this conclusion because, in our lives we go through such different seasons and what we have been impacted yesterday, may not help us today. 

Another thing that struck me, was the idea of self talk. You do it, don't lie..... The way we internally speak to ourselves, reflects how we act and treat others. The amount of people that I have come in contact with who are negative, are the ones who originally internalise negative self talk. This may be through how they see themselves in the mirror, or the comparison of others that could have clouded their own beauty. 

okay that was defiantly something deep there. However I just love investigating what peoples strengths and weaknesses are, as it helps me understand how they work or feel about certain things. I guess its me trying to understand people, that gets me thinking and trying to understand why they talk and interact with me in that way. At the end of the day, everyone has a story to tell, that either makes them a better person, or slowly kills them internally. 

Three things that have changed my life this month:

1. My husband, he is my source of encouragement and humour. He is forever trying to push my buttons, he is always finding ways to change my mood and making me just chill out a little. Especially the art of sleeping in & watching endless movies. 

2. Thankfulness, I've made myself every day pick five new things I am thankful for and try to find a ways to repay that thing or person. The main source that I have been thankful for, are my girlfriends from Wellington, and in Tauranga. I've made myself set aside time to either text or ring my girlfriends. Every time I make contact with these girls, I've seen my happiness actually become something so real, not something you think is cute. That happiness is reflected in how I live and how I continue to be thankful for other things in my life. 

3. The incredible online community of blogging. Everyone is so supportive, and everyone just wants to help you out. The endless emails and comments through Pinterest, Bloglovin and blogs have opened my eyes to see blogging as something so positive. Seeing others achieve greatly with their blogs is inspiring and ill always be thankful for others leading ahead, and showing how its done. This is where original envy should be turned into appreciating others work and admiring how they go there. 

Heres a random coffee fact for you:

Coffee beans are actually the pit of a berry, which makes them a fruit. The best fruit.


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